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…I think I need to listen to that episode again, I was only paying like half attention to it and then he started rambling about wax and idk…

…desert bluffs is not as it seems…


This is Chester. When I was in Afghanistan I got a care package from one of those “Adopt a Soldier” programs that lets families send care packages to service men and women who are deployed overseas. Anyway, I got this care package, and it came with the usual stuff: Baby wipes, crackers, peanut butter, the Dad threw in a pack of cigarettes, and there was some jerky. But there was also a little beanie baby gold fish and a hand written note from a 7 year old girl that said
“Dear Soldier, (I wasn’t even mad)
I hope you are doing well. I’m sorry you have to miss thanksgiving with your family. This is my friend Chester. He keeps me safe from monsters, but I think you need him more than I do. I hope he keeps you safe from the monsters you’re fighting. Take good care of him for me”.

You bet your ass that little fish was in my pocket every time I went on patrol.

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Finally updating my homestuck blog after forever of all these drafts collecting dust =w=

I’m on one of my mom’s old laptops and I’m trying to watch an episode of gravity falls but the audio’s all weird, like it picks up all the background music but not the voices talking. which is ok, considering I’ve already seen the ep and the bgm is amazing so.


Can we just talk about the scenery in this game and how beautiful it is?

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Slender-tailed Meerkat (Pup) (Suricata Suricatta) by CentricMalteser




sometimes I forget that rulers work with tablets and I get really frustrated with my inability to freehand straight lines





#and you can just trace circles too and use a straight edge and ohmygod my whole world is different now   

omfg for real I thought this was just me?

er, dear artists of Tumblr:



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Favorite Movies: The Incredibles [2004]

No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know, for a little bit? I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for… for ten minutes!”

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when you live in a desert you learn to appreciate the little things in life

like grass

and not having sand in your eyes 24/7 I mean dang

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I’m playing lumosity and one of the games is where you run this diner thing and have to remember ppls names and orders and stuff

And this customer David orders an apple juice.

I was sO close but alas I need rescuing… Would anyone please please please rescue me? I got ko’d in the Zero Isle West B37…

Q&@H7% T0RS15 X#1-15
YF6&18 TCN&7# 7=3J3N
9FCK5H 3M#JY% 5R4+QC

Please please please and thank you… I can offer pretty much any prize you want in return. I’m super patient to so feel free to take your time, but I really don’t want to have to start over on this dungeon… ;~;

**ALSO** slightly unrelated, but does anyone have a celebi they can rescue me with, or send me a wonder mail with celebi so I can get it in my game?? I have pmd explorers of darkness, and right now Celebi is the only pokemon I can’t get anywhere… Can anyone help me out with that? ;w;



you know what really gets my goat?

el chupacabra

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