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This scene just gets sadder and sadder the older I get.

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Get to know me meme: [4/5] Male Characters → Nezumi

I had already given up, a stranger had no reason to help me. I had to wonder if I’d been born just for a pathetic death… But, that innocently opened window was a miracle to me. 

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Nature and Noise: Photography by Anna Marinenko

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A young man was tired of his dad always yelling at him to “just stop picking.” He finally told his dad, “when you tell me to just stop, it reminds me that I am failing myself and disappointing you, and makes me feel bad about myself.” Dad asked how he can help, and his son said, “Ask me to do you a favor, ask me something that will distract me.” Two days later, the young man is again in the bathroom, picking. Dad knocks on the door, “Hey son, would you come help me with the dishes?”

They both knew what this meant, but by being positive and redirecting, Dad could feel good about helping his son, and the son could feel good knowing that his dad supported him. Communicate your needs and the ones who love you will listen.

This is a great way to respond.


i kinda put my rat in a tree

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tfw you realize you’re in a nuzlocke


Breakfast Princess ain’t taking any of your shit today


and heres a finn untangling his hair! with a bonus BMO


"Uh Bonnie? As much as I love your smooches, I kinda have to see where we’re flying"

Bubbline for anon over there C:

also ponytails are the cutest things asdkfjhsa